On June 11, 2019, One Nation Coalition members from all across the nation convened in Washington D.C, at the National Press Club to discuss the many strategies and fronts to combat public charge.  We had over a 100 attendees from California, Ohio, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington and New York, from young to elder leaders. During the morning session, two surprise guests, Congressman Ted Lieu and Senator Strauss joined in to not only share their family stories but inspire the attendees to do the same during their Hill visits. Co- Chair to the Commission and Former Congressman Mike Honda, gave a master class on strategic one- on- one meetings with Members of Congress and staff. The day ended with shared anticipation among members for hill visit coordination, and strategic messaging and communication.

The One Nation Coalition achieved over 40+ visits Members of the House and Senate, creating a huge lift and impact for the movement against Public Charge. Following the visits, our Congresswoman Barbara Lee presided over the floor and spoke out against public charge on June 20th. She wore our One Nation coalition jacket and powerfully shared how this nation was built on the strength of immigrants.

Leading up to the Washington D.C trip, Chairman of Homeland Security Committee, Bennie Thompson penned a letter to the Acting Homeland Security Secretary McLeelan, opposing the new rule on public charge. A Dear Colleague Letter signed by Chairs of the Congressional Black, Hispanic, APA and Progressive Caucus were also distributed.