This rule could create situations where lawfully-present immigrants must choose between basic services, like health care and food stamps, or keeping their family together in the US. The federal government could decide if you can become a green card holder based on the public assistance you receive and other factors, like health, family size, education and how well you speak English.

This proposed rule around “public charge” is not about making immigrants self-sufficient. It is to prevent many immigrants, who have built this country, from becoming legal permanent residents. It is part of a series of attacks on all immigrant communities and their children here.

If you believe in #OneNation for all, and that diversity and immigrants make this nation great, act now.

The #OneNation coalition plans to deliver 23,000 origami cranes to the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. and across the country in support of immigrants and against the agency's proposed public charge rule. 23,000 for the 23 million AAPI that live in our country- each with unique hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Help us fold cranes to make sure this Administration hears our community’s loud message for #OneNation. Cranes should be made from 6-inch or smaller origami paper and left flat. They do not need to be strung.

All cranes can be delivered to:

Asian Health Services
c/o Thu Quach
101 8th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Contact Thu Quach ( with questions.


Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum
c/o Bonnie Kwon
One Kaiser Plaza, Suite 850
Oakland, CA 94612

Contact Bonne Kwon ( with questions.