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Last updated August 15, 2019*

#ONENATION Mass Action Against Public Charge

Join One Nation and coalition members in standing up with our immigrant communities against the final public charge rule which is expected to go into effect on October 15, 2019. The rule will harm 26 million Americans and force families to either forgo healthcare, food, and housing assistance, or possibly face separation and deportation. Our communities will unite as #OneNation to protest this inhumane policy and send a strong message that we condemn these attacks on our immigrant communities.

Flyers available in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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See our Days of Action in Washington, D.C.

To read more about the our 2 days of action in Washington D.C, which involved a convening with over 100+ people and a press conference at the Triangle, click here.


We stand united in promoting policies that strengthen America, protect immigrant families and bring us together. We must fight for ourselves, our families, our coworkers and neighbors, our students and patients, and for the values we hold dear as Americans.


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What is Public Charge?

If the US government thinks a legal immigrant might rely on them as the main source of support at any point in time, they label you a “public charge.”

If one is labeled a “public charge,” the US can stop you from coming to the US and turn down your application for lawful permanent residence (aka “green card”).


Proposed Changes To Public Charge

The government wants to expand who can be labeled a “public charge” by adding more benefits that can put you at risk, including healthcare, food assistance, and housing assistance.

They want to use these factors to judge whether you might rely on public assistance at any time in the future:


So even if you don’t use benefits, if they think you or someone in your family might at any point in time, you could be labeled a “public charge.”


Many of our families would be hurt by this proposed rule change.


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