The Commission. Our inaugural blockbuster One Nation Commission meeting in Los Angeles on April 19th set the stage for this next critical fight. The Commission launched to elevate and strengthen our collective voice, keep all eyes on the public charge battle, and galvanize the movement. 

The Organizing Committee. Forged to rally our troops, align our colleagues from across the nation and leverage our vast and diverse ground game. 

The Advisory Council. Economists, health care providers, philanthropists, academics, artists, writers, community leaders, are convened as a diverse panel of experts to advise on strategy and research.

The Narrative Shift. We are one nation built on the strength of immigrants. Pioneers, hard workers, responsible for one another. This is our stake in the ground and we are going all in to capture the hearts and minds across the nation and shift the narrative on immigrants in America, through the Commission, the website, key spokespeople, elected and community leaders, and ethnic and mainstream media.

Building on the momentum from the record breaking public comments campaign last fall — 267,000 people spoke out, 23,000 of whom were Asian Pacific Islander Americans, to fight back against the Department of Homeland Security’s dangerous public charge rule. 

Public charge is a policy that threatens to hurt and separate families, damage the economy, endanger public health, and punish legal immigrants who pay taxes, and contribute to society. 26 million people will be directly or indirectly impacted, but all of us as a society will lose because immigrants are a net benefit to our economy and our society as a whole. We will not let our country’s immigration system be fundamentally reshaped not by those elected to Congress, but those bent on dividing us, evoking fear and scapegoating immigrants.



One Nation Organizing Committee

AAPIs for Progressive Action

AAPIS for Civic Empowerment

Alameda Health Consortium/Community Health Center Network

APICHA Community Health Center

Asian Services in Action – Ohio

Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA

Asian Americans for Community Involvement

Asian Counseling and Referral Services

Asian Law Alliance

Asian Prisoner Support Committee

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations

International Community Health Services

Filipino Advocates for Justice

Japanese American Citizens League

Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, Northeast Medical Services


Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization